Tire Maintenance 101

Being well prepared before getting behind the wheel is the cornerstone of being a good driver. Checking gas levels, lights, brakes, tires and more are vital to a safe and pleasant drive.

Today, we’d like to talk about an important feature of your car: your tires. There are many benefits of maintaining your tires properly:

• Tire maintenance should always be on top of your list. Tires are among the most crucial components of your vehicle. Improper tire conditions can cause accidents and injuries

• Tire maintenance helps extend the life of your tires. Longer tire life means you save money by buying tires less often.

• Did you know that under-inflated tires also cost you more fuel? Under-inflated tires have a higher rolling resistance that makes your engine work harder to keep you going at the same speed.

It is recommended that you inspect your tires regularly, especially before driving out. You may overlook less obvious damage without a thorough inspection so be sure to schedule them more often with your local tire shop. Check tire pressure and do regular maintenance routines such as tire rotation, alignment, and visual inspections.

Always check for underinflated or flat tires, since they increase risks on the road. Under-inflated tires do not only increase your fuel usage, but they also provide less traction. During rainy seasons, skidding and sliding are even more likely with worn out or underinflated tires. Make sure you check each tire’s pressure before trips, to save yourself money and reduce the chances of an accident.

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