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The Easiest Way to Manage New and Used Stock...


  • ✓ Add dozens of tires to inventory at once.
  • ✓ Easy management on computer or mobile device.
  • ✓ Stock is posted to your Free website automatically.
  • ✓ Display items on social media or any website in seconds.
  • ✓ Free customer invoicing program included.
  • ✓ Easy online ordering.
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Everyone runs their shop differently. We’ll match our program to the way you run yours. Schedule a few minutes with our staff and get the most out of the program today! Support is included and completely FREE. Contact us to find out how we can help your store today!

The new and used tire and wheel inventory is one of your most important business assets, but can be a handful to manage and control. Take your business to the next level with Tire Inventory Solutions. Now tire stores can easily manage their new and used tire and wheel stock. Advertise your complete tire inventory to wholesale and retail customers in minutes. With our easy-to-use online tire management software, there's no equipment to buy, no PC software to download and no start up fees to pay. No contracts and no credit card is required to start. Have a stock list already? Contact us... We'll upload it for you FREE of charge!

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How to get started
Catalog dozens of new and used tires or wheels in seconds with any computer or mobile device. Easier than paper lists or spreadsheets. Include pictures, descriptions, pricing and more. There is no faster, easier or more cost effective way to catalog your tire and/or wheel inventory than using our patented app process.


Access & manage your stock
Search, view and edit stock information from any computer or mobile device. View stock from multiple locations at once. Answer customer inquiries by up to 80% faster! Create an invoice right from your screen. Low cost tire inventory management software for any tire shop.


Free advertising made easy
Advertise your entire stock at once by posting a web link on your own website, Craigslist, Facebook, or any other site. No updating is required as sites update automatically when your tire shop's inventory changes. Customers can order tires and wheels from your website or free web page in seconds.


Learning something new is time consuming. We've made it quick and easy. Our recorded step by step demonstration will teach you how to use the program in minutes so you can make the best decision for your shop. Click the video on the left. Download a step by step user guide for an easy to follow PDF that you can take anywhere. Click the picture on the right.


A very easy program to advertise my inventory. Once my stock got uploaded and advertised the link, my sales began to increase immediatly. Highly recommended!

Jame T.

We've been using a scribble list of our tire stock for years. We could never keep it accurate and were always rewriting it since it always got dirty. Our bookeeper adds inventory as it comes in and out with the customer invoicing program that's included with the service. We dont have computers at our front desks so we print a current list daily. This program has made our job much easier. Thank You!

Jackson Hicks, LA

We've been looking for a low priced way to keep track of our new and used tires. We tried a couple of the others and found them too complicated to use. This one fit our bill just fine and it has more features to it as well.

Barry Helms, NY

Organize, Manage, Promote... With the Tire Inventory Solutions.com App

Our patent pending app is the fastest way to collect information for new and used tires and wheels. Download it free of charge from Google Play or ITunes to any Android or Apple Smartphone.


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If you are looking for a tire shop inventory program to boost sales and save you time, then this tire store software is for you. Our tire software is suitable for all types of tire shops both new and used. This amazing new tire and used tire inventory software can reduce your workload and help you sell more new and used tires and wheels. This simple tire shop program specializes in increasing profits and saving you time. Using this cost effective used tire inventory and promotion software will make your job easier. Try this tire inventory control program free of charge.