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How To Tap Into The Used Tire Market

More customers are opting for ‘gently used’ tires than ever before. People are looking for a way to save money as well as to give back to the environment. When it comes to vehicle ownership, one of the best ways to do so is to use recycled tires. Of course, if you already have a large used tire inventory, you may simply be wondering how to tap into the market fully.

One of the best ways to make the most of your in-house inventory is to invest in some form of management software system. Many businesses are now finding that it takes more than a clipboard and a few staff members to keep track of a tire inventory. An easy replacement for these outdated organization tactics is a tire inventory software.

How Tire Management Software Can Make A Difference

Taking control of your inventory is key to ensuring you can effectively fill orders and keep customers coming back to your business. After all, if customers call you looking for a certain tire size and you’re not 100% sure whether or not you have it, you’re going to look like an amateur, to put it lightly.

Utilizing a tire inventory software can make the difference between building a successful tire business and failing right out the gate. Modern technology has transformed the market. Nowadays, when you set up a business, you are almost required to have software ready to go. If you invest in the right software, you’ll experience far greater profits in the long run.

4 Tips To Tap Into the Tire Market

Tip #1. Evaluate your competition.
The more competition you have in your area, the harder it will be to tap into the market. Do your research and define who your competition is, whether or not there are several well-established tire shops already up and running, and then go from there.

Tip #2. Advertise that you accept donations.
Selling used tires can be a tricky business. You may find it difficult to keep your inventory stocked. To help yourself out, advertise that you accept donations for your inventory. You’d be surprised by how many acceptable tires you’ll have donated.

Tip #3. Set competitive pricing.
Obviously, selling used tires sets you up for some serious competition. Not only do you have to compete with brick and mortar stores, you also have to compete with online retailers. Pricing is, therefore, critical. You don’t want to set your prices too low that you undercut yourself, but you also don’t want to set them too high that no one will purchase them. Once again, research comes into play. Analyze the market to determine what pricing will work.

Tip #4. Invest in the right tools.
Another important tip is to use the right tools. We already mentioned the importance of a tire inventory software, but we want to reiterate how crucial it is to invest in these tools. Tire inventory management is made easier with the right tools. Your used tire inventory will greatly benefit when you place importance on organization.

It quite literally pays to make a business plan centered on technology. If you want to make the most of your business, consider investing in the right software and discover how successfully your business can be.

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Efficient Tire Management For Tire Shops

We know that your tire inventory is one of the most essential parts of your company. Truth be told, most tire shops, auto recyclers, and car dealers still use traditional ways to manage their tire inventory.

Some tire shops may already be comfortable in writing tire inventory in a sheet of paper or encoding it in an excel file. The problem is that this isn’t the most efficient way to track your tire inventory!

The Traditional Tire Inventory Management is Inefficient

“But it’s been working for us for years. Why change our system?”

There’s nothing really wrong with using a system that works, but efficiency is something that’s hard to get. Even with today’s technology, many tire shops fail to realize that their traditional tire inventory management is becoming more and more inefficient.

Below are the several disadvantages of using the traditional method of managing your tire inventory:

1. Prone to Mistakes

Yes, employees of tire shops may make mistakes when updating tire inventory in a sheet of paper or an Excel file.

2. Inefficiency

Constantly updating your tire inventory, especially when you have several stores, is a tedious and time-consuming task.

3. Higher Labor Expenses

Since people take more time updating your tire inventory across all your stores, you need to higher more employees to fill in your other business needs – increasing labor expenses.

4. Miscommunication

With the traditional method, miscommunication happens. When this happens, you may lose customers and ruin your company’s reputation. You don’t want this to happen!

A Better Way for Tire Shops to Manage their Tire Inventory

Using the power of technology and the speed of the internet, tire shops can now have a cloud-based tire inventory that’s easily accessible anywhere. Perfect for tire shops with multiple stores and those that struggle with the traditional tire inventory management.

Lucky for you, Tire Inventory Solutions can help you manage your tire inventory effortlessly and efficiently! We have developed a software that can cater all the needs of tire shops and it’s working great.

With Tire Inventory Solutions, you can enjoy the following benefits:

• No more input mistakes
• No more miscommunication
• Accessible anywhere
• Increased sales through online exposure
• Reduced labor expenses
• Increased efficiency
• Real time updates
• Hassle-free advertising
• URL link to tire inventory
• Post on Facebook, Craigslist, Ebay,, and more
• iOS and Mobile app for your smartphone or tablet
• No sign up fees
• 30-day trial
• No need to download any software

What Are You Waiting For?

Tire Inventory Solutions is what your company needs! Everything’s all set up, and tire stores just need to upload their tire inventory list to start using the system. Business owners can also advertise their tires online – hassle-free!

Lower your expenses and increase your revenue – we’d love to see you succeed! Tire Inventory Solutions is offering a 30-day free trial; there’s really nothing to lose.

Try our efficient tire management software today! You won’t regret a thing!